The Poppy Platform

The Poppy project aims at building an Open-source humanoid platform based on robust, flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
Designed by the Flowers Lab at Inria Bordeaux and Ensta ParisTech (France), its development aims at providing an affordable and hackable humanoid robot for science, education, art and geeks.

  • Open source

    Both software and hardware are available under an open source licence for academics, artists and geeks.

  • Easy to repair and duplicate

    Poppy only uses off-the-shelf components (motors and electronics) and limbs that can be printed with regular 3D printing services.

  • Optimized for biped locomotion

    Poppy’s body has a morphology modeling human skeleton: bended legs, multi-articulated trunk, soft body. This increases robustness, agility and stability during the walking.

  • Affordable

    The overall materials needed to build your own Poppy robot costs around 7500€ (including motors, electronics and 3D printed parts). We hope the community will find ways to build and use even cheaper solutions.

  • Social and physical human-robot interaction

    Physical interaction with full body compliance and an articulated torso. Optionally, social interaction can be improved with cameras, micros and LCD Screen.


Supported by

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