Poppy project aims at building an open-source platform by providing the source both for hardware and software so you can assemble your own robot. Poppy is in a beta stage as there is still work to do to make it more accessible and easy-to-use. You can keep in touch and subscribe to the newsletter waiting for the fully open release hopefully next summer!

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The source code used with Poppy can be found on a GitHub repository. They are available under a GPLV3 licence. The software is based on the PyPot library. To contribute you can directly fork our repository and send us pull requests. Do not hesitate to directly contact us for any information. Any help or idea will be appreciated!


Creative Commons License

The Poppy project by Inria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Contact us for permissions beyond the scope of this license.
If you want to look at the current state of the Poppy robot you can request access to the hardware repository.

Poppy v1.0 advancement:

  • Mechanics

    Development of new feet with embedded force sensors
    Hands (grasping)

  • Software

    Monitoring and control interface
    ROS bridge

  • Electronics

    Better compatibility cameras
    Better LCD screen
    Alimentation board
    Embedded control
    Reduce the total weight of electronic components