Open source technologies for building amazing robots

Modular technologies

The Poppy project develops open-source tools for rapid prototyping and flexible experimentation of robots. It addresses mechanics, electronics, and software.


Poppy project main concern is to provide robotic technologies that are cheap and modular.
Its purpose is to make robotics become click-and-play, by changing robots' morphologies as projects evolve. As much as possible, Poppy project aims at using off-the-shelf and popular technologies.

All Poppy project hardware is open source and distributed under Creative Commons BY-SA license.

3D printed parts

Poppy robots are 3D printed – it is a reproducible and cheap production technique that allows anyone to produce locally its own and customized parts.

It also allows for a wider range of possible design by removing manufacturing constraints from mass production methods.

Pièces d' Ergo Jr imprimées en 3d

Modular actuation

Poppy robots are based on modular smart-actuators branded Robotis Dynamixel. Within a small form factor, these motors embed high-precision monitoring and control and are synchronized on a shared communication and power line.

They are commonly used in robotics and come in multiple actuation power. Them being quite expensive motors, we are constantly looking for alternatives and contributions are very much welcomed.

Robotis actuators

Software overview

Easy-to-use, cross-platform, and modular, used python tools are thought for quick control of complex robots. Software seemlessly integrate with simulated and real version of Poppy robots.

All project software packages are open source and distributed under GPLv3 license.

Pypot library

A python library to control Poppy robots and provides:

  • Low-level access to motors and sensors - yet easily extendable to new types of devices.
  • Creation of complex behaviors by combination of independent primitives.

Robot specific repositories

Each robot has a specific software repository with basic configuration files and high-level behaviors. Anyone can contribute or create their own robot using the templated repositories.

Robot simulator

Poppy robots are integrated in the v-rep simulator with a transparent switch from simulated to physical robots through pypot.

Web control interface

A web control interface is provided to remotely launch behaviors on Poppy robots without needing to install anything on your computer.