Artistic Applications

Robotic objects can be used as tools to formulate and explore questions in the artistic domain.

The Poppy platform provides modular building blocks that artists can use and hack, with the support of an interdisciplinary community sharing technical and conceptual knowledge.

How can I use the Poppy platform?

Poppy is an open-source modular platform based on simple and robust technology, which can be hacked by non-technicians, opening the way to new avenues for creation.

The platform is based on technological bricks allowing the creation of novel robotic shapes or behaviours. It also includes examples of full robots like the Poppy Humanoid, or the Ergo Jr, which can directly be reused or modified for artistic purposes.

Start from the morphology of existing Poppy creatures and explore new uses and new situations.

Modify the morphology of existing Poppy creatures to give them a new meaning.

Use the technological bricks to invent an entirely new creature, and share it with the community!


Résidences Arts & Sciences : (Rencontre) artistique/robotique (autour du geste)

Robotics and dance have at least one subject in common: movement, its function being as effective as emotional. With the desire to "create a driving desire", the creative Comacina-Capsule artists explore this junction by working with designers of the robot Poppy Humanoid.

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Shonen & Marionnettes électriques

Pinoke project

The Pinoke Project is a 6 week creative development to create a full-length transmedia dance performance at the cutting edge of artificially intelligent technology, elite contemporary dance practice, and publication.

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